Camping de Paardekreek is quite centrally located in the Province of Zeeland, ideal for visiting Zeeland cities and events.


The picturesque town of Zierikzee, where you go via the Zeeland Bridge, is 20 kilometers away. In this medieval town, recordings have been made for the film "Michiel de Ruyter".

You can wander around here and enjoy the shops, the old harbor with museum ships and you can visit the museum wharf.

You can also visit the restaurants on the new harbor and, for example, eat delicious mussels with a view of the mussel fleet, provided it has not left the harbor.

Veere is 23 kilometers away and was once a powerful trading city on the Veerse gat. Veere is now a beautiful town on the Veerse Meer.

The richly loaded ships from Scotland have made way for yachts in the ports.

The warehouses and old streets where you can wander around are a reminder of the heyday of this town.

In Veere you will find many authentic shops, various clothing stores and gift and souvenir shops. The shops in Veere are also open on Sundays.

Delta Park Neeltje Jans is 20 kilometers away and is the best water park in the Netherlands! Enjoy sea animals, splashing attractions and see all of the Delta Works for a whole day.

Deltapark Neeltje Jans is located in a prime location in the sea, surrounded by beautiful Zeeland nature. Enjoy the water slide, an exciting 3D movie, expo whale world, a sea aquarium, a visit to the storm surge barrier, a water playground, the Delta expo, the hurricane machine and sea lions!

Goes is 16 kilometers and is a real shopping city, where you can shop well. Many shops are located in historic buildings in the area directly behind the Grote Markt. In addition to the national retail chains, you will find smaller shops, each with their own range. Shopping can be alternated with a visit to the cozy cafes with terraces. On Tuesday you can stroll around the market.

Once a year, the city is turned upside down during Dancetour Goes. During the dance festival that is freely accessible, DJs play their sets on the Grote Markt. There are also events throughout the year.

Vlissingen is the boulevard and the boulevard is Vlissingen and this is 38 kilometers away. The port city on the Westerschelde has the longest sea boulevard in the Netherlands, where you can almost touch the passing ships.

On top of the Imperial stronghold is the statue of naval hero Michiel de Ruyter, who was born here.

Vlissingen has a protected cityscape and has about 300 monuments in the old city center. And the city has a lot of art in public space. This art route leads past various works of art spread across the municipality of Vlissingen.